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Our Way
Journal of the Association for the Promotion of the Spiritual, Mental and Natural Foundations of Life

Volume 21 July/August 1978

Daily life and us.

Now summer has begun, the holiday and holiday season is here. People can relax again, but it is not always easy to find the right place. Whether at the seaside, at the lake or in the mountains, wherever we spend our holidays, it is important that we allow ourselves to relax and unwind, and not just externally!
Let’s not brood over the past, but enjoy the beautiful holidays, the joy of life, the daily sunshine. The holidays are not for brooding, we have to banish all negative thoughts from our minds and keep our composure and joy. We need to learn again to devote ourselves to peace and tranquillity of mind, to step out of everyday life with its worries and habits, to really switch off.

When we have a long car journey to our holiday destination ahead of us, we need to take care of our bodies, which are already stressed enough. We should not be in a hurry, but take the time to enjoy a nice car ride. Due to a wrong attitude and way of life, people cannot cope with the stress they are exposed to; they overload their bodies and absorb a lot of damage without realising it until the consequences become obvious and they get sick.

He doesn’t pay attention to his thoughts, has no self-control and no self-confidence.
On holiday he has time to deal with all this, time he doesn’t have in everyday life. At least now he makes sure he rests and listens.
When one looks inside oneself, something is perceived very quietly and makes the Word of God comprehensible. Only in silence does the inner voice speak, does God speak to man in his heart. With the mind he hears the address of God. With the heart we must pray and give thanks for help; we must learn to receive a request as we make it. Faith and trust are important: faith in God, trust in oneself.
Self-confidence. If we trust in our faith, we will not be afraid or worried. Faith alone is not enough, we also need the power of faith. We can gain this if we regain our self-confidence, that is, our trust in ourselves. Self- confidence is on the way to faith, and the stronger the confidence in faith, the quicker will be the turning to good. All our actions should be in faith in the eternal Divine; how much better and happier people would be. In God there is order, and the divine laws are laws of order which man must obey.
Our task would be: all who are strong in faith and trust should do so for those who cannot yet believe, until they too can believe.
We should be ready to help and sacrifice ourselves for our neighbour and be helpers to him, but also pay attention to our body. We need to listen to our body, which is a gift from God.
We should not listen to people, but to God! Then we will also know or perceive whether it is a bad or good thought that has crept into our heart. To be attentive and always ready is something that has to be practised and wanted. And who does not want the good?
The good that is inherent in the human being.
We should occupy ourselves with all these thoughts during the holidays so that we can exemplify them to our neighbours when we return to everyday life. Above all, we want to be a guide for the growing young people through wise and understanding leadership, education and conduct of life, even if this is sometimes difficult for us.

In this way, we all want to contribute to convincing people again of their existence. to find the way to God, to recognise his nature and work.
God is everything;
without HIM we are nothing!

Alexander Loy-Leute


Lord, make me an instrument of your of your peace:
that I may practise love
where there is hate

that I may forgive
where there is offence
that I may unite where there is strife, that I may inspire hope where there is despair, that I may kindle light where there is darkness, that I may bring joy where there is sorrow.
Oh, Lord, let me strive,

Not to comfort, but to be comforted; not to be understood, but to understand; not to be loved, but to love; for he who gives receives; he who forgets himself finds; he who forgives is forgiven; and he who dies awakens to eternal life.
Francis of Assisi

In veiled form, often barely recognisable, has a lot to say or at least to hint at. And that explains the great interest in this literature.
If one compares this with the conditions in the Western industrialised countries, one finds that here freedom and everything that goes beyond the purely material aspect is respected much less.

That which is freely available is apparently not valued. People chase after money, possessions, pleasures and are absorbed by the petty concerns of everyday life. Not that wealth as such should be rejected, but the material should not be the dominant element. Rather, as a spiritual being, man must place himself above matter and confine himself to using it.

It is very positive that more and more external bodies are looking after the welfare of the individual. However, this does not mean that the human being has developed in a constant struggle and has to assert himself against a hostile environment. If all obstacles are removed from his path, he is doomed to happiness. „Where nothing can be achieved by one’s own efforts or by a supervised community, because initiative is no longer required and the individual is only a small cog in a large wheel, the self-realisation that is so necessary is no longer possible. In professional life, too, a sense of achievement has become rare, since most professionals no longer see any tangible success in their work. Is it any wonder that many people, especially young people, seek success in other ways (to stand out, even if in an unpleasant way), e.g. in conspicuously shameless behaviour, in alcohol and nicotine consumption (also seduced by advertising), in rape and violence, even in general rebellion against a society that cannot give them what they unconsciously desire? Real ideals and not just idols, security and not just security from hunger and need, self-realisation and not just pseudo-successes that in the end give nothing.

This inner emptiness is ultimately also the cause of terrorism. We know from conversations with extremists that they want to destroy a social system that they – partly Of course, there are many other reasons for the increasing aggression of many people. One, and not the least important, is to be found in the wrong upbringing and the often wrong attitude towards later life. According to scientific findings, the child in the womb is able to understand or at least sense when it is rejected by its parents. It is easy to imagine what a shock it must be for the child when it is told, for example, that it must be aborted, but other negative attitudes or remarks are also enough to cause severe psychological damage. The same applies to rude or even hostile behaviour towards the child. Many of the causes for later misbehaviour of the adolescent or adult are laid in these early years.

Even these necessarily brief observations clearly show that improvement cannot be achieved by purely superficial measures. Rather, one has to start with a general rethinking. One must return to the insight that the soul-spiritual is the primary and most important thing, and that man, despite all intelligence, cannot arrive at correct solutions on a purely intellectual level, but is dependent on divine guidance. Do we need more evidence than the developments of the last decades? Despite the multiplication of knowledge compared to previous centuries, man has only succeeded in degrading the environment to such an extent that it has already become dangerous to live in it. The Creator has probably equipped our bodies with many protective mechanisms. But these are geared to the natural conditions and can no longer suffice when these are artificially altered by man to his disadvantage. That is how much we have sinned against the divine commandment „Subdue the earth“! We have not taken advantage of the abundance

We have not used the natural opportunities that are given to us in abundance, but are destroying them more and more and thus depriving ourselves of our livelihood.
If only humanity would finally realise that there is only one way out of all these problems.
way out of all these problems: the realisation that there is a supreme God.

We have so much help available, but it is up to each of us to accept it. No one can take that away from us. Dr Gustav Pernatsch
As the will, so the thought; the thought moves man to action.

Bruno Gröning once asked: „Do you know what you want? There was an awkward silence. His answer was: „You want the good!
„In order to experience the good, the divine, the harmonious.
To experience the good, the divine, the harmonious on this earth, we must strive for it. If the good will is there, our „I“ will undoubtedly soon be guided by the divine guidance to control our knowledge, to expand it through intuitive knowledge, to complete it and to put it into action.

Dear friends, I would now like to give some examples of these facts. proofs of these facts: It was some years after the Second World War.

It was some years after the Second World War, in 1953/54, at a time of feverish development of Austrian economic life. I was 35 years old at the time, and for the first time For the first time I wondered what the real meaning of this life was in the rush of living: people were already moving in a hurry in pursuit of material goods of all kinds. The demand for cheap goods and objects of daily life was great: it started with the washing machine, followed by the modern kitchen, the cosy living room, the car, the house by the lake, the villa by the sea, the alpine hut, and we even managed to build a stately house in the country. And today? Are we happier, more harmonious, more content? Happier or better? ?
I soon discovered that material enrichment cannot be the centre of life. How unpleasantly this existence dominated by materialism radiated on all of us. Where was man still visible in his divine mission? The more people possess, the more dissatisfied they become. The demands of a certain type of people know no bounds. Responsibility, honesty, decency, efficiency, brotherhood and reason have almost become foreign words.
Here we experience that cause and effect cannot be separated. Man must realise that he alone is responsible for his actions and thinking. He alone must bear the consequences of his actions.

Let us also recognise that man is part of the perfect creation and receives his thoughts and life force from the universe. The greater his willingness to receive the flow of divine thoughts, the more enlightening his life will be. The choice of our thoughts plays a special role in our happiness in life.
If it is our will to live together with our brothers and sisters on this earth in love and peace, we attract positive thoughts into our sphere of life through our attitude towards goodness.
At the same time, we give the people around us the strength to receive positive thoughts and to act accordingly. One leads to the other. A chain reaction occurs. Good attracts good again, an evil thought attracts evil. Not for nothing did Bruno Gröning warn us:
Let go of evil!
As soon as we align our thoughts with the realisation of divine life, as soon as we see our life as a wonderful and intelligent existence, we realise that God and man cannot be separated from each other. We recognise our task to work in love in this harmonious creation. Let us remember the words of our friend:
„Love life – God, God is everywhere!“.

Hermann Wallner, Judenburg.

Alfred Hosp

Lecture on the knowledge of Bruno Gröning

Topic : God is everything that is around and in us!

Recording from 01/15/2005 a community hour at the cultural center in Graz

Association for the promotion of mental and spiritual foundations

Dear friends, I would also like to extend a warm welcome to you. And wish you a happy and blessed New Year.

I’ve made up my mind today – there are things that you should always think about, repeat again and again so that you don’t forget them. And there are such important statements by Bruno Gröning.

For example: spirit determines matter.

What is the ghost my friends? We want to think about that. One says, or one is convinced, oneself is an embodied spirit being. That’s the one part. The second part is that we know that we are constantly causing or hosting mental activities, even if we don’t really take it that seriously.

And these mental activities are the thoughts. Thoughts flood our consciousness all the time. And we have to be very careful there, because Bruno Groening has said: „As the will, so the thought!“

That’s why we shouldn’t be careless with our thoughts, with our feelings – we should constantly control WHAT we think. So we also know what we want. Of course people want the good, they want to be positive. But then events come, then strokes of fate, my dear friends. Where man really has to struggle – to have positive thoughts. trusting thoughts. And that is so important – that Bruno Gröning said again and again and that he drew our attention to the importance of thinking and feeling and then also acting.

And how necessary it is to put into practice the word: trust and believe. What does it mean, trust and believe in EVERY situation. Even in the most difficult situation, we should learn to trust. Should we practice trusting. And that’s not always so easy, because again and again – logic blunders us into it.

When we’re not well, when we’re weak, when we have difficulties, then logic tells us:

Yes, what do you think, look at yourself, you poor wretch! How you look, why do you need trust and belief. You can see how awful you are! And then comes the answer. Trust and believe it helps, it heals the divine power.

And now we have reached a point again – where one has to ask: what does divine power mean, my friends? What did he mean by divine power? How are we supposed to receive them? How should one adapt to this? Because he also said: if we know how to adjust ourselves properly, help will come. And there we have another problem, how are we supposed to adjust properly? Especially when people aren’t doing so well.

How are we supposed to trust and believe when the body sends out the opposite signals. And now I’m about to give it a serious try! How do I introduce myself? What do I have to think? What do I have to feel to get help. Yes, my friends, that is actually our spiritual task. And Bruno Groening also knew how difficult it is to really trust and believe. Because he said: as long as you are not able to believe yourself, trust yourself – I want to believe for you. That was then, my friends

And then great things, good things happened. At that time healings took place. Which we can only dream of today – my friends. Yes, man made a mistake, made the mistake of always relying on Bruno Gröning. If any problem has arisen – Ahh! Gröning will do it. And that was the big mistake. Because he wanted us to LEARN and not rely on him.

On a tape, in a lecture, he said: „Dear friends, I only ever hear Gröning, Gröning, Gröning. But they should record it themselves. THEY are supposed to be the ones who absorb the good. And let the good work in the body.” Yes, but it was around 1950 to 1959 when people still had no idea about the spiritual. On the contrary, rather lacking in faith, rather hopeless, rather desperate – after the terrible war.

And that’s why Bruno Gröning came to help people spiritually. And now 50 years have passed, even more than 50 years. Because in 1949 there were great healings at the Traberhof.

This is how the reporter Ms. Ilgner described it so impressively. And there is the human being, there is the time, there the authorities were polarized the wrong way.

Wrongly polarized because they believed, for example, that this is hypnosis, that is imagination or that it is someone who wants to stir up the people. Oddly enough, a film was made at the time.

A film of how Bruno Gröning healed people. I don’t want to say treated, that’s something else entirely.

He didn’t attack anyone, didn’t touch anyone. But they came with ideas.And this film went public 2 or 3 times and then it got confiscated. Was banned by the authorities. Under the comic expense – that’s popular incitement. With this ridiculous reason. Nowadays I don’t understand at all why it should be popular incitement when someone is helped.

Now, if someone has the power, because he can send out the Heilwellle – the healing radiation – but listen and be amazed – This film is in the Central Archive in Berlin – under the title: Incitement of the people!

Even today, my friends, they are afraid of spiritual healing. Before a man who really radiated God-given power that these miracles happened. And then because of these miracles, attention was also drawn.

Unfortunately, the wrong attention. Because Bruno Gröning wanted to steer EVERYTHING in a controlled way.

He didn’t want this uprising, he didn’t want this crowd – where 30, 40, 50 thousand people stormed the Traberhof. Because they expected help.

Here, the tape, the CD I brought back from back then so that my friends can get an idea of what it meant to radiate a power where there are no limits. And then Bruno Gröning wrote on a picture that I still have today: there is much that cannot be explained, but there is nothing that cannot happen.

Can! He didn’t say, he didn’t say. becomes. Rather, he said it can happen if a person has the right attitude. And there, it’s always about the right attitude, about the right belief.

Trust and belief, it helps the divine power. Yes, what does that mean – my friends? When people are miserable, when they feel miserable? Then let them trust, then let them believe. It means it heals the divine power. That’s asking a bit much, a lot, my dear friends. It’s asking a bit much. But it is fact.

Only us, where we are logically trained people, wherever the brain, that is, the part of the brain – the logical part – spits in. And then it’s really very, very difficult to believe in what can be possible at any time – when the human being connects with the divine.

When Bruno Gröning said: we need the right attitude. So what he means is that we have to let go of the thoughts, we have to let go of the doubts. We simply have to surrender to the Divine, my dear friends.

But we still have far too little idea of this divine. We pray. That is, man prays and asks for help. And don’t even consider that Almighty God, with his possibilities – knows anyway – what people need. Well, praying and asking is another doubt about God’s omnipotence. Strange!

But if we say thank you in advance for the help, that’s the way it should be to be honest. So it shouldn’t be a cuddle. As Bruno Gröning said: I don’t want to be cuddled. I want them to absorb the good, I want them to absorb the divine. You divine power, the divine light – salvation! Healing comes from salvation, my friends. That’s so important.So we have to rethink this as well.

When we say we believe – and inwardly we think – my God, how will this go on with me – that is a doubt, my friends. And that doubt is a very, very hard story. As long as we are fine, the whole thing is wonderful, the whole thing is o.k. – the whole thing goes without saying. But when you come up with anything physical – a physical problem – then to believe and then to trust? Then to know it will pass again. Help is coming.

That’s the problem that Bruno Gröning taught us! You have to LEARN. We must support that, my dear friends. Otherwise – yes – what can I say. Otherwise the problems won’t go away and then you can say, like some people do: yes, God can’t help me there either! Yes please, that is also a doubt. People have a very wrong idea of God himself. Example. In the past catastrophe, it is always said, yes, if there is a God, how can he let such a thing happen! And there we know again that people have a wrong idea of the Almighty.

What happened at Christmas is a completely normal – for EARTH – a completely normal thing that can be repeated at any time. People are so, so trusting, so careless, my friends. You know that earthquakes keep coming into space. But they are unable to say: we build our houses in such a way that a tidal wave cannot reach it.

So it is man himself who partly causes these catastrophes. And then he complains to God himself. Yes, although he knows, or ought to know, that we live on a wild planet, my friends. wild planet. Where at any time an even greater catastrophe can break out over the careless people.

There had always been terrible catastrophes. Before there were humans, there were catastrophes. And among other things, a scientist said, for example: Every – on average of course – every 300,000 years, the Earth is hit by a large asteroid. I know that – now and then. But he admitted it. In that case, a billion people would not survive.

So please, let’s be thankful, as long as we can live, that we’re fine. Let’s THANK God and let all doubts, all accusations, all ideas go away, if we need help And above all, let’s leave out the logic. If possible, let’s omit the medical diagnosis. Of course, if we seek medical help – but some diagnosis is almost a death sentence.

And if you go AFTER – there you go – then we cannot receive the divine healing power, the divine salvation. And that is why it is SO necessary that we finally do for ourselves what Bruno Gröning ALWAYS said: trust and believe. And that’s the gist, my friends. And that is beyond any logic. Beyond any consideration.

Beyond any feeling. No doubts when it says: trust and believe, it helps it heals the divine power. And then the question arises: yes, but why not with me, comes the question. You can’t answer that.

We have to leave that to God! What he has ahead of us – in the future. But this is a big test. trust and belief.A very, very big test that each of us has to pass in one way or another.

Or not. If you don’t pass it, you have to bear the consequences. It’s a new year, my friends. There are different resolutions on the New Year. But the most important resolution, the vital resolution – is the one you learn to trust and believe in EVERY situation. To believe until the last hour!! Why did I say that now? To trust until the last hour. Because it is ONLY the last hour of the body! But not the last hour of the spirit. And if you show trust in God, for example – the last hour of the body becomes a beautiful experience for the spirit.

Bruno Gröning said: He is already happy today – he said then – when he MAY leave this earth and cross over into the spiritual world. So we should be open to that. And also handing it over to God, as it is now being done. There are people who resist leaving the body until the last second and that is a TRAGEDY for the soul because then it doesn’t know where it is going.

Back then, Bruno Gröning said: he visits the cemeteries very, very often. Because there are so many deceased, so spiritual beings at the tombstone and waiting for the Last Judgment. And there he did a great deal of educational work in order to redeem these souls without bodies. To detach, to detach from a past. And if the person has the right attitude, the last hour will be a wonderful experience. And if a person has the WRONG attitude, then the last hour will be – the beginning of torment. So – one can choose.

My maternal grandmother was a very pious woman. And her grandson was at home, and suddenly she says: You, tell Mama to go upstairs – I’m going to die. Now I’m going to die, she said. And she went upstairs and then her daughter came and said to her grandson: where is grandma? And he said: Yes, she said she’s going to die. And then he got a slug (slap in the face). You stupid guy said it, how can you say that? Then she went upstairs – and in front of the door where her grandmother lived, she lay. Smile peacefully and crossed over with no pain, no quarreling, no problems—because she believed!

That’s how you have to believe! It’s a different life, you have to believe in yourself. That one is an immortal spirit being. And Bruno Gröning said, among other things: if you can let go of the burdens before you cross over, that is the greatest healing. Seen spiritually, because the human being – the spiritual human being – is then FREE. And then there is something else.

Then Bruno was there and now he has died after all. So he couldn’t help. That’s how wrong the polarization of man is. Man’s attitude is wrong. That he always only sees the earthly robe and does not know that he is also a spiritual immortal being. That you can trust God. So my dear friends, let’s take what Bruno Gröning taught us more seriously. Much, much more seriously – and let’s not ignore the facts that we have to learn in every situation in life – should learn, MAY learn. Life is really a preparation for eternity – by us. To eternal bliss or to eternal despair.

As we want it, so it happens. As is the will, so is the thought, he said. Thought moves people to action. And then: if you want to experience the divine, you have to strive for it. Yes. But what is the divine? The divine is not wealth, the divine is not earthly conceit. The divine is beyond time and space. The divine is available to us at all times. You just have to accept it, you just have to find it, you just have to feel it.

Aha! Now the power is there. Now I take the power.Aha! Now I give myself to strength and healing. No matter what is heard from us, no matter if the spirit is healed, no matter if the feeling is healed, no matter if our inadequacies are healed. We get the healing – when we manage to let go of everything that causes problems. That is the message of Bruno Gröning. And that’s why I wanted, I really had to, repeat that again today – that we wake up! Except earthly blindness. That we wake up from the physical limitations. And that we rise above this limitation, inwardly. It is necessary. That’s the message.

Not only from Bruno Gröning — that is also the message from Jesus Christ. That is the teaching of God. That’s all he wants. He expects nothing more from us than to live and vibrate in harmony with Him, my friends. Yes, that’s how it is. And there we want, I have to tell you, I almost have to ask you – that you adjust yourself internally. That you adjust yourself internally. That you adjust inwardly to your own reality, the spiritual reality, my friends – not the earthly one. And so we want to start the New Year with the awareness that we always strive to realize the spiritual. Recognizing the spiritual in us.

Acknowledging the spirit within us and knowing that we SHOULD experience and strive for the divine. The Divine includes EVERYTHING, my friends. ALL we need includes the divine if we not only acknowledge it, we just have to absorb it. That is the secret. And I wish you lots of knowledge, lots of love, a lot of power – to master what we call life.

Thanks for the attention.